The Growing Trend of Corporate Wellness

Slowly but surely, in the recent years, a new trend has been developing in corporate India. This trend, that is unanimously covering all organizations and corporations, is to take employee-based wellness programs seriously, in an effort to find solutions to the declining health of employees and the rising health-care costs that follow. Improving employee health and reducing health-care costs benefits both the employee and the employer.


It is no surprise that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. In America, for instance, research studies suggest that a typical return on investment is $3 to $6 for every $1 investment into a corporate wellness program by an organization.


Today’s workforce faces long workdays, high-stress work environments and the pressure of constantly increasing productivity, which tends to take a toll on their health. This is where an on-site wellness program and on-site fitness facility or partnership with a local gym or a partnership with a local health and nutrition centre can yield tremendous results within an organization.


On the other hand, keeping in mind the current reach of web and mobile technology, organizations also have the freedom to create off-site wellness programs that are personalized and actionable. From health coaching to strategic planning and program optimization, off-site wellness programs can help organizations create a healthier environment for their employees.


In the end, whether it is on-site wellness programs or off-site, both have great benefits that cannot be denied. It’s time that corporate wellness programs are seen as an essential investment in any organization because its advantages go way beyond its investment. It not only helps reduce absenteeism at work, but also increases the overall morale of employees and attracts people with a higher caliber to join an organization that has an effective wellness program in place.