A Unique Approach to Employee Wellness

Off-site corporate wellness programs lay a lot of emphasis on health education and behavior change. These wellness programs help maximize employee engagement and lead to significant health improvements within an organization.


Today, some of the most popular wellness apps include, Sleep Cycle, which keeps you from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. By monitoring your sleep patterns, the app gauges when you transition between sleep phases and wakes you when you’re in your lightest sleep cycle. The result: You wake up feeling well rested and refreshed.


According to an article (dated November 14, 2012) in Indian Express, 50 million people in India today have diabetes and this number is growing exponentially each year. Glucose Buddy, a data storage utility is extremely useful for people with diabetes. They can enter blood glucose numbers, carbohydrate intakes, insulin dosage and activities, and keep track of their sugar levels on a daily basis. Last but not the least, Medscape, used by more than 1.4 million healthcare professionals as the leading medical resource for clinical information including drug references, medical calculators, drug interaction checker, daily medical news and so much more.


Organizations worldwide are now realizing the benefits of off-site wellness programs and are doing their best to incorporate them within their work culture and in some cases, they are even incentivising these programs for their employees. The latest example of which is WooBoard, which makes brilliant use of social features, custom reporting, and a unified points system which drives daily interactions within employees. It also allows employees to redeem their points for gift certificates later, making off-site wellness programs a must-have in every organization.