A Digitally Engaged Workforce

It’s no news that tools such as video conferencing, and smart mobile devices, have managed to completely change our workplaces in the recent years. These tools not only help keep our co-workers connected, but also help us engage and interact with our customers better and on time. Even social media is finally seeing widespread adoption and meaningful usage in many workplaces.


Many employees today have more advanced technology at home than they do at their desks. Everything from the latest apps, devices, and even datasets get the job done from home. Today’s workforce is connected. All the time. Believe it or not, a typical worker today can easily find herself using 20-30 applications a week to get her jobs done. This may include time tracking, productivity apps, project management, and then the actual apps to do her tasks.


This shift in the way we work makes it imperative for the current generation of digital natives to have access to the latest technology at work. Whether it is access to videoconferencing so they can join a session remotely, or having digital employee manuals or even, mobile training. All of which provides a great opportunity for employers to engage with their employees better and hand them tools that make them more productive. And this approach also caters to employees who have become accustomed to flexibility at work, allowing them to learn at their own pace, and via their own devices. This shift in the way we work today puts a great responsibility upon the employers to create an environment which works well for this new and digitally engaged workforce.